Castor’s Friends and jazz

Castor is a well-maintained ship, and there is a very definite reason for that. We must find the reason at Castor’s Friends and Bundholdet. Both are making a huge effort to keep Castor sailing every year. They help respectively in raising funds as well as renovating and maintaining Castor.

It is expensive to keep Castor sailing. At Castor, the daily operations such as maintenance, crew and fuel must be ensured. Furthermore, there are bigger expenses too, like statutory shipbuilding yard stays, safety inspections and security upgrades. Concurrently there are smaller or larger repairs. Over time, Castor has undergone major changes, and you can read more about them under The History of Castor.

Without Castor’s friends and Bundholdet’s support, Castor would not have been able to sail with tourists, locals, and charter guests, as she does today.

Castor’s Friends

Castor’s Friends is an association, which was started back in 2001. The purpose of the association was and still is to support the renovation of Castor. They raise funds, and they host a lot of difference events. They are very well known for their yearly event “Jazz at full sails”, and they contribute a lot of volunteer hours.

Volunteers from Castor's Friends
Volunteers from Castor's Friends
Jazz at full sails
Jazz at full sails
Jazz at full sails

Castor’s Friends has made a support association, which they call Jazz at full sails. It is an event they hold 7-8 times every summer. Here you can experience a cozy atmosphere, where you can enjoy good music, cold beers, water, and wine at “Den Gamle Havn” in Bogense. There are more than 300 people every time, and all the profits go directly to Castor.
It requires a lot of voluntary hands to be able to plan these events. There are more than 50 volunteers who help.
Jazz at full sails is supported by VisitNordfyn too.


Bundholdet consists of 15 retired men, who have different backgrounds as postman, banker, workman, farmer etc. They have an amazing community, and each one of them helps with what they can.
They take care of the practical part, as they are the ones who enable Castor. Every time Castor is at the shipbuilding yard, then there are some from the Bundholdet who clean, lubricate, and color the ship. They take care of the tables and the benches too, which they polish and lacquer several times.
To keep Castor sailing requires a huge work, and Bundholdet spend many volunteer hours working on Castor so every year she is completely ready to be able to sail the many trips.
Their hard work has not gone unnoticed – in 2020 they recieved the “Mermaid-award” from “Turismens Venner”. The award goes to the person or the persons who promote the tourism in Bogense in a positive way.

In 2020 Bundholdet received the mermaid-award
In 2020 Bundholdet received the mermaid-award
Learn more

On Castor’s Friends homepage you can read more about the association. On the homepage you can easily enter the association too.

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